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Complete Nutrition article ‘The Need for Iodine'. December 2019/January 2020 (here)

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Webinar 'Worried about dairy-free weaning? A healthcare professional practical guide to complementary feeding without cow’s milk' with Dr Lisa Waddell RD, Specialist Community Paediatric Allergy Dietitian (here). Download PDF of presentation (here), Key points handout (here), Reflective learning handout (here), Family Oatgurt recipes (here) and Q&As (here).

Webinar 'Get Real! Tackling Nutritional Misconceptions about Plant-Based Diets' with Dietitian Heather Russel and Dr Sarah Bath. Download Key points handout (here), Reflective learning handout (here) and Webinar Q&As (here)

Webinar ‘Sustainable eating – why, what and how’ with Consultant Dietitian, Lynne Garton (here), Download PDF of presentation (here), post webinar activity (here) and Q&As (here)

Webinar about suitable milks for cow's milk protein allergy with Paediatric Dietitian, Rachel De Boer (here)

Suitable Milks for Cow's milk protein allergy webinar



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